WFTC 2019 Schedule

What is happening and when?

WFTC 2019 will be held over 5 days, in August 2019.

Here you will be able to find the itinerary for the event.

We have placed more detail and other useful information in the WFTC 2019 Welcome Document PDF

7th August

Opening Ceremony

8th, 9th & 10th August


11th August

Closing Ceremony

How will WFTC England achieve this with 450 competitors?

England hopes you enjoyed Poland 2018 and we thank the the PFTA for hosting WTFC 2018. 

Our presentation at Poland 2018 stated our maximum competitor limit for WFTC 2019 was 450 and some may have concerns on how this is possible given past events have had issues. We hope the following information helps reduce those concerns. We do not wish this to be seen as criticism of previous events, we just want to ensure everyone joins us in 2019 and no one stays home because they are worried about the number attending.

We have worked extremely hard on the logistics and preparations for this figure of 450 to ensure it is possible. 

We will achieve this in two ways. First we prepare and we also allow room for change.

In England we are fortunate in that we have 40 years experience of shooting FT, and we shoot large FT competitions all year round with 100’s of shooters shooting every weekend. We have shot FT from -10 degrees °C to +30 degrees °C  in the dry, the wind and rain, and even in the snow (but we don’t get snow in August). We can have 30 degrees heat or 13 degrees wind and rain. We have had all of these this month. Whilst we do see thunder/lighting rarely it is extremely rare to see it in the day time, it normally happens at night. Our predominant weather patterns come from the South West and the Welsh mountains take the worst of the weather from us like a shield.

So we know in the UK the weather does change when we shoot. But, we know that it means we are used to planning courses that still work when it changes.  

Our string is waterproof nylon. Our targets are bolted in place and designed to be pulled up 500x without problems. The mounting point on the string is weighted to ensure the string is not blown by wind so it catches on the target. Our lanes are designed so that strings do not catch on trees etc. Every target is checked with a scope from the shooting position to check there is no possible obstruction even when the wind is blowing hard. We will only be using Nockover and Techno targets, tried and tested brands over many decades. We inspire confidence because our targets act in a predictable way. This will reduce target calls.

We often run competitions with zero stops for these reasons. 

Our targets will be easily accessible to fix. All our marshals will carry toolkits and each zone will have targets ready to replace any target on the course. So at the worst possible cases a target should not take more than 2 minutes to change from stop whistle to start whistle. 

Our venue is a purpose built all weather site. It hosts large outdoor corporate events for big companies regularly. It is designed to be weather resistant. The parking is weather resistant. The presentation hall is a large permanent building with restaurant and bar, there is a 40m x 15m marquee in the centre of the ground with electricity.

The venue is arranged very well. We have plenty of room for the course, plinking and car parking but all this is centred around our area, it is not spread out with far to walk between these zones. Our plinking range is directly next to the admin area and car parking. The course entry point is right next to the plinking range. The exit is right next to the admin marquee. We have an announcement system to call shooters to move them around. If you stand in the centre of our venue it is possible you will not have to walk more than 50m in any direction to get to the practice range, the course, the car parking or the restaurant/bar and hall. This will not change because this is how the venue organises their events all year round every year. 

Our course is set in woodland and is weather resistant. It will offer shade to all from both sun and rain. The course is based a few meters off a stone road. It is flat, and easy walking for junior to veteran. The furthest point away from the entry is 300m and it is all accessible via the road. All the lanes will be found close to the one before, so no long walks between them. The course will be a loop and the distance from lane 25 to lane 1 is will be approximately 50m and takes less than 30 seconds to walk. How do we know? We have timed it. The course has been marked on a GPS and we already know the distances involved.

We do not intend to make lanes which force the shooter to use lots of time changing positions.

We will make it so there is very little time lost in the change between sessions. Shooters from the first session will exit from one point while shooters for the next session will enter from another point. The shooters will move onto the course while the targets are being resprayed. 

We have a competition staff of 25 people at the venue to help with all of this.

We have timed the event around 2 x 5.5 hour sessions. We will start at session 1 at 8am and finish before 1:30pm. Session 2 will start at 2pm and finish at 7:30pm .We can do this because in August we have sunrise at 5.30 am and sunset at 8.30pm giving us 15 hours of daylight. This is 2.5 hours more than Wales. Not only that but the sun rises 10 degrees higher in the sky so it means there is more light during the time we have. 

If a session is slow then the next day we have the option to start earlier the next day.

Because our closing ceremony is at 2pm on Sunday, the day after the competition day, we have that morning where we can complete anything remaining. However we consider this to be an extreme circumstance and unlikely to be used.

Many of the organising committee have travelled to many WFTF events so offering 450 places is not something we offer without consideration. We have aimed the event around the visiting competitor and have planned the event so it flows efficiently but without feeling hurried.

Our thoughts are we plan for the worst, but look forward to the best, and we wish to see you join us in the birthplace of FT in 2019 in our 40th year of the sport.

Kind regards,
EFTA WFTC Committee