Visiting the UK

Visiting the UK

UK Airgun Law

Many visitors may have heard about how strict our gun laws are in the UK. Whilst this is true it doesn’t mean travelling to the UK with an air rifle that has a power less than 12 ft-lbs is difficult. Many shooters from around the world have visited England with airguns with ease and have enjoyed their stay without any issues.

Our laws are the same as in Wales, however Scotland and Northern Ireland have different rules so if you do intend to visit those countries with an airgun then you will need to comply with their licensing rules and regulations. Below are some helpful guidelines but if you have any specific questions then please let us know.

UK air rifles* are treated as firearms. The only distinction is that rifles under 12 ft-lbs do not require a license. This means there is no documentation either available or required to enter the UK with them. However we will supply a letter of invitation and explanation to help at customs should any questions arise. UK Customs may inspect your rifle to ensure it is such so it is useful to pack the rifle so that it’s serial number is easily visible.

If your home country requires a license or documentation you will need these when you leave the UK. It is advisable that you carry photographic ID and your invitation when you are with your air rifle outside of the competition.

You must contact the airline or ferry you are travelling with to ensure that they know you are travelling with an airgun so they can advise you of the procedure you need to follow for the rifle and pellets. It is important that you ensure any transfers are included as these can complicate the procedures to a significant degree. We advise you book direct journeys if that is possible.

Here are some further rules:

Air rifles are covered by the UK Firearms Act which means they can carry the same penalties as a firearm.
Air rifles are not permitted on public transport (bus, coach, tram or train) in a case/cover or otherwise.
Air rifles are not permitted to be left so that those under the age of 18 can have access to them.
Air rifles are not permitted in a public place, in a case or cover or otherwise, without a reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse is directly travelling to and from a shooting competition such as WFTF 2019 or a shooting club.

Scopes, silencers, muzzle brakes are all permitted on Air rifles in England and Wales.
There is no need for a muzzle flag, breech flag or any other awareness device in the UK.

Rifles can be left in hotel accommodation in the room. Precautions must be taken to prevent access by those under the age 18.

*There are seperate rules for air pistols but as we are not running an air pistol competition we will not refer to them. Some rules are common with air rifles, some are not.

A good resource for an overview of airgun law in the UK our government guide here :

Travelling to England from abroad

We have chosen the venue because of it’s central location within England and because of it’s excellent proximity to the main motorway network.

*Just a reminder that it is not legal to carry airguns on public transport (train, bus, tram, coach) so you will need to arrange for your own private transport such as car hire.

Arriving by air

Here is a list of the main airports we would expect you to arrive at and their distance and average driving time from the venue.

Birmingham International (BMX) 20 minutes / 7 miles / 12 km
London Heathrow (LHR) 2 hours / 110 miles / 175 km
London Gatwick (LGR) 2.5 hours / 145 miles / 230km

Further afield, other airports that may serve you are:

East Midlands (EMA) 45 mins / 35 miles / 60 km
Luton Airport (LTN) 1.5 hours / 80 miles / 125 km
Manchester (MAN) 2 hours / 95 miles / 150 km
Bristol Airport (BRS) 2 hours / 110 miles / 180 km
Liverpool (LPL) 2 hours / 110 miles / 180 km
Standsted Airport (STN) 2 hours / 110 miles / 180 km
Newcastle (NCL) 3.5 hours / 225 miles / 335 km

Long haul flights will most likely arrive into the UK’s main airport, London Heathrow (LHR), or London Gatwick (LGR)

Shorter haul flights may be found that can fly into Birmingham International (BMX) which is within minutes of the venue. Although the journey times from other airports are still quite short the proximity of this airport is well worth considering if that is an option. You can browse the airports serving Birmingham International (BMX) by clicking the link below

Birmingham Airport Links

The other airports which are further afield may suit your needs if you wish to travel around the country.

*Just a reminder, you need to ensure your airline will carry firearms to and from the airport of your choice. We have been made away of some airlines carrying firearms out but not in, and serving some airports with firearms but not others, especially when non direct flights including transfers are concerned.

Arriving by land

A number of ferry terminals are available if you prefer this method. You should check with your ferry company that they will carry firearms but to date we are not aware of any issues with this. An alternative is the Eurotunnel which also carries firearms.

Here is a list of ports you may arrive at and their distance and average driving time from the venue.

Hull 2.5 hours / 130 miles / 220 km
Portsmouth 2.5 hours / 150 miles / 250 km
Harwich 3 hours / 160 miles / 260 km
Poole 3 hours / 170 miles / 270 km
Dover 3.5 hours / 200 miles / 300 km
Tyne 3.75 hours / 200 miles / 330 km
Eurotunnel Folkstone 3.5 hours / 200 miles / 300 km

If you have any more specific questions then please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll assist you further.

WFTC 2019 Location Map

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